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The Complete Guide To Good Food For A Diet

So many people want to know what is good food for a diet. When I say: “the complete guide to good food for a diet” most will probably think that I am taking a fat change here! It will surprise you though, to find that “good food for a diet” is not that difficult. Most common everyday foods are excellent weight loss food.

1. What is the secret then?

If you want to lose weight, you have to follow a well balanced diet combined with moderate exercise. This will ensure long term healthy weight loss.

2. But, I promised you a guide, so here it is:

Pig our on veggies, yes you are reading this right, pig out on veggies. Most vegetables are very low in calories and packed with nutrition. There are some though, that are better for fat loss than others.

* Green vegetables:

Most green vegetables are excellent for weight loss. Take note though, that peas are very high in carbs and must rather be considered a carbohydrate than a green vegetable. You also have to take care that you do not add calories with your cooking methods; for instance, spinach can be considered a free vegetable, but as soon as you make creamed spinach it becomes very high in calories and are completely unsuitable.

* Yellow vegetables:

Here you can go overboard. Carrots are a very good choice and even pumpkin, if you do not add anything can taste very good and be very satisfying.

* Salads:

Especially in summer, when salads really taste good, eat as much salad as possible. Here, once again, beware of adding calories. Most salad dressings simply crawl with calories. Make your own with fresh ingredients so that you can control what goes into it.

* Meat:

When it comes to meat, good food for a diet is mainly chicken and fish. Low fat beef and pork can be eaten in smaller quantities. As far as the chicken goes, try and stick to the breast as it contains the smallest amount of fat, it is almost fat free. Once again, do not add calories with your cooking methods, grill or steam are the best.

* Legumes:

Legumes are excellent food for a diet. They are low fat, contains lots of fiber to make you feel satisfied and combined with small amounts of carbs they supply your body with complete proteins to use as building blocks.

* Carbohydrates:

Do not cut out carbs completely. Your body needs them to burn for energy. You have to cut down though and eat no more than five small portions a day. Keep to whole grains and low fat options. Remember that you can include rice, potatoes and peas here.

* Dairy products:

Here you have to be careful. Only eat low fat or fat free dairy products and beware of hard cheeses as they normally are very high in fat and crawls with calories! A good choice as food for a diet is fat free, unflavored, unsweetened yoghurt. Use it in your cooking and as salad dressings.

* Fat:

Normally fat can not be considered as food for a diet. Your body does need some fat, though, to be able to use the fat soluble vitamins so you need to eat about three teaspoons of fat or oil a day.

So, there you have your complete guide to food for a diet! I hope it will help you in your weight loss efforts.

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