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The New Beverly Hills Diet: Fast Results, but Is It Healthy for You?

The new Beverly Hills diet is based on eating the right food at the right time. The old Beverly Hills diet is severe and lasts for forty-two days while the new diet is more balanced and not too restrictive.


Dieters who follow the New Beverly Hills diet keep to an eating plan with three meals per day where carbohydrates should not be combined with proteins and otherwise, and fruits are eaten separate. It`s not important how much you eat or what you eat, it`s essential how you combine foods, according to diet specialists.


The New Beverly Hills diet allows proteins to be combined with proteins or fats, carbohydrates with carbohydrates or fats, and fruits separately.


In the morning, on an empty stomach, you may eat pineapples, strawberries, grapes, or green melon. Fruit intake is not restricted, however you need to wait for an hour or two before eating carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. If carbohydrates, proteins, or fats, were consumed, fruits are restricted for the rest of the day.


If the next food consumed after fruits contains carbohydrates, these foods are allowed without restriction until proteins are eaten. If you ate something that contained proteins, even a teaspoon of milk in the coffee, the food intake from that moment on, throughout the rest of the day, includes proteins only.


Fruit juice and wine may be consumed along with fruits, while the rest of the alcoholic beverages must be consumed along with carbohydrates. Champaign is considered neutral and may be drank with any food.


The meal where you consumed both carbohydrates and proteins is considered “open”. If this happens, the next meals must include eighty percent proteins.


Always seek a specialist’s advice before starting a diet or fitness program.


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