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Use The Glycemic Index Table To Plan Your Next Meal

The Glycemic Index Table ranks carbohydrates by how they effect blood glucose levels. Primarily, the lower the number on the table, the better that food choice is for your low glycemic diet. Eating foods that are low on the Glycemic Index Table can cut back the chance of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and a bunch of different illnesses.

Another excuse to eat foods that rate low on the Glycemic Index Table is to take care of blood sugar levels. It’s especially important for diabetics to set up their diets from this table.

How To Use The Glycemic Index Table

Primarily, the lower the number a food item has, the less sugar that food has. With the Glycemic Index Table, any food that includes a number of forty or lower is taken into account to be a Very Low Glycemic Food, and they do not raise blood sugars. Low Glycemic Foods are foods with numbers between 41 and fifty five, and that they conjointly do not raise blood sugars significantly. Foods that have numbers of fifty six to seventy are referred to as Moderate Glycemic Foods, and these should be limited to no more than a number of servings per day. High Glycemic Foods that ought to only be eaten once in a while, as treats, are foods that have numbers of seventy one or higher.

So, when following a coffee glycemic diet set up, you ought to build certain that you’re using the Glycemic Index Table so you recognize that you are eating the correct foods, and bear in mind to drink heaps of water throughout the day. The following is a one-day meal arrange using foods that are low on the Glycemic Index Table. The glycemic variety is in parenthesis beside each food item:


* one Grapefruit (25)
* one Slice of multi grain bread, toasted (48), topped with one tsp of honey (58)
* 1 Cup Skimmed Milk (thirty two)

Or, for the one who is too busy to sit down down and eat breakfast, here may be a delicious breakfast shake you’ll take with you on-the-go (create the orange ice cubes before you go to bed, and they will be prepared by morning):

* 1 Cup Skimmed Milk (32)
* 1 Banana (fifty four)
* five Orange juice ice cubes (fifty two)
* one Scoop of protein powder

Mix in blender for a delicious, protein-enriched, low GI breakfast shake.

Mid-Morning Snack

* one Pear
* Water


Make this Meatless Chile ahead and warmth up at work:

* 1 Cup diced tomatoes (but 15)
* 1 Cup cooked kidney beans (29)
* Red peppers, to style (10)
* Chili powder, salt and pepper, to style

Combine ingredients and cook until tomatoes are stewed.

LOTS of water to drink!

Mid-Afternoon Snack

* one Apple muffin (48)
* Water or diet soda


Garden Salad (all veggies listed are below 15 on the Glycemic Index Table, unless stated otherwise):

* Tomato slices
* Lettuce
* Carrot slices (49)
* Snap or snow peas
* Inexperienced beans

Dressing: A few squirts of lemon juice (twenty five)

Macaroni and cheese (thirty five-45)

Water or diet soda

Evening Snack

a pair of Cups lightweight microwave popcorn, no salt or butter (55)

Water or diet soda (non-caffeinated)

The bottom line is to drink TONS of water, eat a minimum of four times each day, and feed your body concerning every three hours to stay the metabolism busy and burning fat.

As you can see from the sample day menu above, coming up with your meals round the glycemic index table is simply selecting the lower ranked foods that you almost certainly already consume, and excluding those who are less economical for your body to digest. There’s no mystery or expensive foods to shop for, nor changing entirely your current eating habits, it’s all regarding being additional selective at the grocery store. It additionally helps you attain a more healthy cuisine style that will impress your guests, your body, and your budget (…yes, it becomes cheaper to eat when you scrap junk from your diet!

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