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Weight Loss And Depression

Weight loss and depression are linked in many different ways. Getting into shape by eating healthier and by exercising will enable you to succeed with weight loss, while also improving the symptoms associated with depression or by making them disappear entirely. Take a look at all of the many powerful ways in which weight loss and depression are linked so you can be motivated to get on track.

One of the first and most important ways in which weight loss and depression are linked is in terms of how you feel about yourself. Often times depression can be caused or worsened by a negative self perception or low self esteem. This can be turned around however by starting to take care of your body and by improving the way you look and feel.

When you start exercising and eating healthier, you’ll drop some pounds, increase your muscle tone and ultimately get much closer to the ideal body that you’d like to have. You’ll certainly notice the difference in the mirror, and other people will take notice of how great you look as well. All of this will help you feel better about yourself while boosting your confidence and overall making you become a happier and more fulfilled person.

That’s not to say that all you care about is how you physically look. Of course we have many other worries and other areas of ourselves that we would like to improve upon. However this is something that is not only easily in your control to change, but it’s also a way that is readily visible to the world. Looking better will make you feel better about yourself, and it can change the way you interact with others and even how they view you.

Another important way that losing weight can help to combat depression is through the release of hormones in your body. Exercising releases certain hormones that can make you feel better, make you more motivated and energetic, decrease your stress and anxiety and much more. Hormones control a great deal of our emotions and our daily state of mind, and exercising is one great way to help the balance of hormones be positive and in your favor.

With the right hormones being released, your depression can be dramatically reduced. If you’ve ever heard about people having a runner’s high it is related to this profound effect. Added to the increase in self confidence and self esteem described above, these hormones can really help to decrease the symptoms of depression quickly and easily.

Of course, this has just been a basic overview of the many ways in which losing weight can help you out in terms of battling depression. Weight loss with exercise will help to release the proper hormones in your body. Additionally, by exercising and eating right you will gain confidence as you look better and feel better, and you’ll become much happier on a day to day level. For all of these reasons and more, getting into shape and improving your lifestyle by ridding yourself of depression will always be linked.

By: Paul Guenther

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