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What Does The Diet Mean?

What does the diet mean?

DIET it is the rules of the consumption of food, by the nature of it, to quality, quantity and time; rules on all other vital needs, for health preservation and protection. Dietetics is this science about health protection.

Diet is the food mode established for healthy and sick accordingly age, a constitution, a trade, a climate etc. At the Diet of patients distinguish strengthening and limited Diet. To the first group is carried: feverish diet , as possible smaller introduction of fats, prevalence of liquid food, especially milk, a broth, fruit juice: actually strengthening diet as much as possible fibers in easy absorbable form (Meat, milk, eggs); to this group carry also dairy diet (exclusive at which other food means are not supposed, and mixed) at ulcers, cataracts of a stomach, an inflammation of kidneys, a chronic diarrhea etc.: here carry, grape treatment, treatment by koumiss, kefir.

Limited diet there is the general (reduction of quantity of all necessary substances in food can be subscribed at adiposity, a dropsy) and private diet (restriction of consumption of one of food substances). There is also a diet with limited use of water or the restriction of fats at adiposity, restriction of carbohydrates at diabetes. At fatness treatment limit the use or fats or fibers and at a gout the stable use of vegetables and moderated meat is recommended.

Diet (from Greek word. diaita means a way of life, a diet), specially developed diet concerning quantity, a chemical compound, physical properties, culinary processing and intervals in food intake. The diet of the healthy person corresponding to a trade, a sex, age, etc. (it is a rational diet), makes a subject of studying of hygiene of a food.

For the patient the dietology is a science about dietetic therapy is engaged in working out and diet recommendations. Correctly picked up diet causes the most favorable background for application of various therapeutic means, strengthens action of these means or has medical influence.

The review of the major types of diets: diets on carbohydrates limitation: Fiber and fat are given in much proportions, but carbohydrates in a lack proportions. At a metabolism from fat substitutes of carbohydrates which, however, are harmful to an organism are synthesized and create strong loadings on kidneys. Besides, the fat considerable quantity at such diets raises the cholesterol maintenance.

The diets rich with fiber as, for example, Hollywood diet and egg, sate, warm up the mechanism of a metabolism and at consumption of a considerable quantity of fiber do not suppose essential destruction of valuable fiber by an organism. However fiber turns to uric acid and its too big quantity conducts directly to gout, especially at the corpulent.

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