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What Is The Best Weight Loss System?

I’m sure that you’ve often tried to find the best weight loss system in order to achieve your dream body.

Everywhere you turn, you find differing fad diets, supplements, and miracle programs. To whom should you be listening to?

How do you find the best weight loss system that guarantees the fastest results?

In terms of training, a combination of weight training and high intensity cardiovascular exercise is the best weight loss system that you can use.

High intensity, short duration cardio is actually the best because it helps your body burn fat even after you stop exercising. By “spiking” your metabolic rate, these intense workouts help your body burn more fat even when you are resting. Conventional, slow-paced cardio workouts don’t provide similar benefits.

High intensity cardio exercises also last for shorter durations. Spending 15 minutes on cardio is much more preferable than spending 45.

While most people believe that more is better, longer cardio workouts can actually be harmful as they carry a greater risk of injury and waste away lean muscle mass. Losing muscle is detrimental to your weight loss goals because muscle burns calories even while you are at rest.

For this reason, high intensity/low duration sessions are the best weight loss system that you can choose with regard to the cardiovascular aspect of things. The ideal routine will involve 10 to 20-minute sessions in which you put in as much effort as you can.

A great cardio plan needs to be complemented with a great weight training regimen. The best weight loss system out there includes weight training, and no, it is not just for bodybuilders.

The reason for this is that weight training enables you to build and maintain lean muscle. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue; in other words, it makes your body burn more calories even at rest. In other words, more muscle mass translates into a higher metabolic rate.

Also, building and maintaining muscle will make your body look lean and athletic.

In sum, if you’re searching for the best weight loss system, look for one that combines weight training with intense cardiovascular exercise.

It’s best to do both workouts in one sitting, so whenever possible, perform weight training followed by intense cardio. Since you won’t be working in the gym every day, you could perform some extra cardio on your off days if you want. Based on your goals, you could choose to do three days of weight training and high intensity cardio and add an intense cardio-only session on the fourth day.

For beginners, it’s best to begin with the basic three combined weight training sessions, with a high intensity cardio session at the end. As your body accustoms itself to exercise, you can add additional high intensity cardio sessions to the system.

To find out if you are pushing too hard, pay attention to your body. If you feel very tired or run down after your workouts, you may need to bring it down a notch. Increase your fat loss by adding an extra cardio session, albeit make sure that doing so does not cause appreciable negative effects.

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