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What Means Concept Of The Balanced Healthy Food?

What means concept of the balanced healthy food?

In our organism every day should arrive about 50 irreplaceable components of a food (8 amino acids, the majority of vitamins, mineral substances, polynonsaturated fat acids, etc.) and substitute components which are synthesized from other parts of a diet (some amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and other.).

For correct growth and development of an organism, preservation of health and physical activity the certain parity of irreplaceable factors of a food is required. Irreplaceable components are not synthesized in an organism and arrive in it only with food. Substitute components also should arrive basically with food as their synthesis in an organism complicates work of some internal and systems, breaks compensative mechanisms and can promote development of adverse changes. Differently, the balanced food is certain parity in a diet of all components of a food.

The parity between fibers, fats and carbohydrates for the persons having average physical activity, should be in proportion 1:1:4, for carrying out heavy physical work-1:1:5, at an inactive image of a life-1:0,9::3,2. At various diseases these parities vary.

And what about the power value of a diet:

Fibers make 14 (in spite of the fact that fibers make 1/4 part of a human body, the organism possesses only insignificant albuminous reserves. Unique sources of formation of fibers in an organism are amino acids of fibers of food. That is why fiber is so important in a food.)

Fats make 30 % and Carbohydrates 56 %. From total of fibers of 50-60 % should be an animal origin. Vegetable oils make 20—25 % of total of fats and at some diseases of 30-35 %. In a daily diet easy absorbable (sucrose, fructose, lactose) make only 20 % of total of carbohydrates. Starch makes 75 %, cellulose and pectin of 5 %.

Mineral substances are better acquired in the presence of certain parities between them. The calcium and phosphorus parity should be 1:1,5—2,0, calcium and magnesium – 1:0,6.

Infringement of the formula of the balanced food (a lack or surplus of those or other components of food) involves infringement of fermentative systems and exchange processes, development of pathological changes in an organism.

For preservation of equation of a food it is necessary to include various products of an animal and a phytogenesis origin and there should be also enough of fresh vegetables and fruit in the menu.

The rational, balanced food promotes normal development of a young organism, provides good health and longevity, raises resistibility of an organism to adverse factors of environment, and improves intellectual and physical work capacity. The food should be various, with the big set of foodstuff of various culinary processing and should sate without strong loading on digestive organs.

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