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Why Diets Don’t Work, and What to do That Does

No Diet Weight Loss

You’ve probably tried them all, or certainly a few, the F Plan, The Atkins, The Cabbage Soup, maybe even Diet Pills and your here because you’ve found out that they don’t do what they promise.

It’s only natural

Here are the reasons that normal diets don’t work. It all has to do with your body’s evolutionary reactions. These are the things your body does that you can’t control, such as increased heartrate when you have a fright or shivering when cold, and come from the days when humans were hunter/gatherers.

Why Diets don’t work

It is from these days that our reaction to food was born, when we could only eat after catching something or harvesting something, our bodies might have had to go for extended periods with very little or even no food.

So what happens when you diet?, your body prepares itself for what could be a period of starvation and hangs on to its stored fat deposits, and there’s nothing you can do to make your body react differently..till now.

Trick your body

You see if you can make your body store fat by thinking it’s going to get little or no food you can make it burn up the fat by tricking it into thinking there’s no need to. This means that you CAN eat what you enjoy and still lose weight.

There are other benefits with (non) Diet also, no metabolic peaks and troughs, no mood swings, no anxiety brought on by feelings of guilt. Imagine eating your favourite food and knowing that you’re keeping your fat burning at it’s highest level.

  • On a normal diet your metabolism gets blown apart by constant calorie restriction You need to protect your metabolism by calorie manipulation
  • Normal diet leads to muscle tissue breakdown, decreasing metabolic rate. You need too protect lean muscle tissue while losing fat.
  • Normal diet leads to greater weight gain when normal eating is resumed. You need to make sure lost fat stays lost.
  • Normal diet requires that you give up your favourite food for long periods You need to indulge your favourite food- makes it easy.

Take it off, and keep it off

Eliminating carb’s from your diet is possibly the biggest mistake you could make while trying to burn fat, you need the right carb’s, strategically used so that your metabolism is always working at its peak, thus giving permanent fat loss.

You probably know that your body would look totally different without the hard to shift layer of fat that covers the muscle and to find out how to lose that fat and keep it off, while you enjoy your favourite foods.Read the blog


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