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Why Diets Fail US

Dieting: it has been going on for centuries. Amazingly, in all that time no one has discovered the elusive secret to losing weight and keeping it off. I know that you know what I mean.

The reason diets fail is older than dieting itself. At the end of the day it is all about human nature. You can pretty much figure that humans will achieve the goal of a fail safe diet at about the same time that we will achieve permanent peace on earth and see the end of war forever.

Hey, it is OK to admit the truth. We are imperfect, flawed and subject to failing on occasion. Because of those very human characteristics, we fail our diets and our diets fail us.

So what shall we do? Throw our hands up in the air and surrender to the fat? Accept that we are stuck in a body we really do not want? Give up hope of reshaping our shape going forward?

Not at all. However, what we do need to abandon, and abandon immediately, are the same old yo-yo, weight off-weight on, go down-go up diets that are in fact hard on our bodies and so bad for our health. We cannot keep following the Oprah example. First she looks too heavy, later she looks really great and thereafter she looks worse than she did in the first place. ENOUGH!

What we need to do instead is hunt down, identify and utilize a dieting routine that works with our fundamental nature. Sort of a program that nurtures our nature. After all, we are not going to overcome our human frailties anytime soon. Most of us can play the self-discipline game for a while and some among us can hang on for an impressively long period of time. But very few hang in there strong enough and long enough to make a permanent change. The rest of us fail at some point, like Oprah.

What is it that we all should look for in a diet routine that will in fact nurture our nature? The following are the most important assets of a weight loss program that will work with our weaknesses.

CONVENIENT: The fact is, the more user friendly a fat reduction routine is the more likely we are to start it immediately and stay with it over time. Look for an online system that is available 24/7, can be accessed from where you live and where you work, provides everything associated with the diet regime online and does not require high tech training to use. Avoid programs that require delivery, travel to a store or provider location, entail a lot of paperwork or are not readily available when you are.

SIMPLE: There is great power in simplicity. The less complicated the requirements of a diet routine, the more likely we are to succeed at it. Take menu planning for instance. When it is done online, the dieter simply inputs some basic information and preferences, clicks a button and, viola, menu combinations are provided by computer software programming. Even better, go with a system that provides literally thousands of said meal choices and you have the best of all worlds. The old saying is true, “keep it simple stupid”.

PERSONALIZED: This may be the most important characteristic necessary to making a diet fit your nature. Everyone is not the same. One size fits all predetermined menus or prepackaged meals do not work effectively. Most dieters will start with great intentions but cannot sustain their interest in the program because of elf portion meals or menus that would gag a dung beetle. Look for a weight loss program that builds menus for you composed of the food you like to eat and provides enough food to keep you happy, satiated and satisfied. In short, a diet system that nurtures your nature.

AFFORDABLE: Finally, let us be sure to acknowledge that a diet routine that costs too much money in the long term is not sustainable for most of us. Thus we need a program that is inexpensive to begin with and DOES NOT incur recurring costs over time.

So we close with some good news. I have searched long and hard for a nurture our nature diet system that reduces fat and leads to permanent weight loss. It has been my good fortune to find one that fundamentally fits that bill.

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