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Why The Vegetarian Diet Is Dangerous?

In due time the World organization of public health services declared the cholesterol containing in animal fats the main originator of an atherosclerosis. Its mass exile of “cholesterol” products also has begun with our tables and counters of shops, especially in the USA and many other countries.

Whether it was of use for mankind? There is an opinion that it is not!

As the physiologist I study traditions of the various people in aspect of that it is accepted to name a healthy way of life. I can now exactly tell that in the traditions of this or that nation which are passing from father to son, there is only that is checked up by thousand-year experience. It concerns also food.

Actually traditional way of life of the people and its kitchen is a result of the centuries-old experiment spent on millions of people. Physiology, as a science experimental as confirms only that it was fixed in tradition.

As to cholesterol actually it is extremely necessary for normal functioning of variety of the vital systems of our organism. So, for example, sexual hormones simply adore cholesterol. It serves as raw materials for manufacture of all steroid hormones including also sexual.

In other words sexual hormones represent not that other as modified cholesterol. Partially it is synthesized in an organism, partially should arrive with fat food. And what if it is not present?

And there are women at whom the sexual inclination for some reason was gone and is frequent menstrual cycle. Differently, non cholesterol diet conducts to an early climax at women. And after all there are “healers” who suggest treating till now barreness … starvation.

By the way, to you now it is clear, why it is necessary to feed men with meat? As for a long time it is noticed in the people, «from starch only collars stand». Besides, cholesterol is a part of cellular membranes and thus provides cell fission possibility. It is necessary first of all for children. If the child does not eat cholesterol simply will not grow and will not get sufficient immune protection.

Nevertheless cholesterol recommend to limit to all from old to small and even to pregnant women. These confused days of limited intake of food have come in due time and to our female consultations. However, when pregnant women one for other steels to fall in hungry faints, in time have thought again and have stopped to scoff at a female organism.

So recommendations about cholesterol restriction in a food cannot extend on all people without an exception. I will tell more, the struggle begun in the middle of the XX-th century against cholesterol calls today at doctors more and more doubts. The matter is that for the thirtieth anniversary of restriction of cholesterol in food and it was not possible to lower essentially neither level of disease of an atherosclerosis, nor a death rate from cardiovascular diseases.

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