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Xerisan Asa For Weight Loss

There are many weight loss products available in the market today and all of them claim to be the best and most effective. So, under that circumstance, how does a consumer decide which is the safest and most effective product? Let us compare two such weight loss products to find out which is better and also identify the parameters to judge which product is better.

Here we will be comparing two popular weight loss products, Phen375 and Xerisan ASA. Both the products are manufactured by FDA certified laboratories. Both these products claim they do not have side effects and both the products claim they provide fast, effective and long lasting weight loss. So, how does one decide which of the two is better? In order to do that, we need to look beyond the claims of the manufacturers and look at the decisive parameter, which clearly identifies the product which is more effective and safer to use.

Phen375 reduces weight primarily by mimicking the pharmacutical quality synthesis and metabolism of body fats through a combination of enzyme boosters. This process aids the pharmacutical quality metabolic activity of the human body and reduces fat regularly and consistently and therefore the effects of weight loss are much more long lasting. Whereas, Xerisan ASA also claims to reduce weight by increasing metabolic activity, as well as, through suppressing appetite, but the question is how does it increase metabolic activity? Instead of producting the pharmacutical quality enzyme boosters, as in Phen375, Xerisan ASA uses an ingredient called Calcium Pyruvate, which has been scientifically proven to induce metabolism and cause weight loss. But the catch lies in the quantity of this ingredient available in each tablet of Xerisan ASA.

The human body would require 10 times as much Calcium Pyruvate, as compared to the quantity already available in each tablet of Xerisan ASA to make it effective in inducing metabolism and thereby weight loss! So, it is a clever attempt to use a proven ingredient, known for its weight reducing properties, but unfortunately it is simply not available in the required quantities to deliver the necessary results. Similarly, let us look at another ingredient used in Xerisan ASA, called Synephrine.

This is an effective alternative to Ephedrine, and as with ephedrine, this can be harmful to users who are sensitive to stimulants and can also lead to serious side effects like increase in heart rate and blood pressure, with prolonged use.

Based upon the above observations, it becomes clear that although both the manufacturers of Phen375 and Xerisan ASA make similar claims, the consumer needs to understand the products better in order to judge which of the two products is actually safer and more reliable. As in this comparison, once we understand the method of inducing weight reduction and the ingredients used in the formulation of these products, we find that Phen375 pharmaceutical grade ingredients are in appropriate quantities to facilitate the metabolic process of the human body by providing correct amounts of effective ingredients as compared to Xerisan ASA and is a safer, more effective product which can be used for a longer period of time without the fear of side effects, Phen375 provides real results from our observations.

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